Periodontal Treatment

Welcome to Anglin Pediatric & Family Dentistry! If you’re suffering from periodontal or gum disease, we can help. Our warm, experienced team will take exceptional care of your gums and help you support your oral hygiene and overall well-being. We’re proud to serve the whole community of Hoover, AL, and invite you to book your appointment online today!

What is gum disease?

Periodontal, or gum disease, is a common problem that affects the soft tissues of the mouth and also impacts the teeth and jawbone. The disease occurs when gum tissue is infected by bacteria, often due to poor dental hygiene, and becomes inflamed. When left untreated, gum disease can result in the loss of gum tissue, which then exposes the roots of teeth and can lead to tooth decay and even damage to the underlying jawbone. If you’re experiencing symptoms of gum disease, including swollen gums, bleeding while brushing, or discomfort, we suggest getting evaluated as soon as possible.

What can we do to help treat gum disease?

Our team of expert dentists can help treat gum disease by performing deep cleanings on your mouth. Different from a standard dental cleaning, these are also known as scaling and root planing, and involve using special tools to remove bacteria from the pockets between the gumline and teeth. When done regularly in the early stages of gum disease, this procedure can help reverse any damage and prevent the disease from recurring.

We strive to always do the right thing

We know that the way we carry ourselves matters. That’s why our team works to always do the right thing. This means putting your care over prioritizing profits and making ourselves available to listen and understand your needs. We hope to see you soon for an appointment and invite you to book yours online today!

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