General Dentistry

At Anglin Pediatric & Family Dentistry, our team of expert dentists is proud to offer exceptional clinical care to you, your family, and the whole Hoover, AL, community. We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable in our practice and look forward to helping you smile more brightly. Try scheduling your appointment online today!

Cleanings & exams

Regular dental exams and cleanings help us head off tooth trouble before it happens. During a cleaning, we’ll remove the plaque and tartar that build up on your teeth over time, which will help prevent tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. We’ll also do a thorough exam to make sure everything else in your mouth is ship-shape.


Sealants are protective coatings that we can use to help prevent cavities. Made from plastic, sealants are typically placed over hard-to-brush parts of teeth, like crevices in molars.They act as a barrier between your tooth and bacteria, food particles, and staining beverages, meaning your teeth will stay healthier longer.

Tooth-colored fillings

The days of unattractive metal amalgam fillings are behind us. If you have a cavity that needs taking care of, we can fill it with a safe, non-toxic material called composite. Composite is the same color as your natural teeth, so your new filling blends right in.


If you have a tooth that is heavily damaged or infected, we can perform an extraction to remove it. We want you to be as comfortable as possible during the procedure, so we offer sedation and will work gently and quickly to take out the damaged tooth so that you can start feeling better sooner.

TMJ treatment

If you notice a painful sensation of popping or clicking in your jaw, it may be a condition called TMJ. Our dentists are trained to provide treatment for TMJ and can help you begin to bite, chew, and speak again with greater comfort and ease. Often, treatment includes a mouthguard that slightly repositions your jaw into proper alignment. Other treatments can include adjusting the shape of teeth to allow for proper jaw closure. 

Mouthguards (teeth grinding)

Many people grind their teeth while they sleep. This may seem harmless but can result in damage to your teeth and pain in your jaw. Fortunately, this can be treated with a mouthguard. We’ll custom make your mouthguard so that it fits you perfectly and helps you wake up pain-free.

Same-day crowns

If you want to restore appearance and function to damaged or unsightly teeth, we can help. Using our advanced CEREC technology, we’ll make you beautiful porcelain crowns during your appointment, so you can leave that same day with a stronger bite and a shiny new smile. Our crowns cover your existing teeth, can last for a decade or more, and can be designed to your specifications.

Sleep apnea

We offer a range of treatments to help those who struggle with sleep apnea or have difficulty breathing during sleep. For those who want something other than the traditional CPAP machine, we can provide you with a mouthguard-sized dental appliance that will adjust your bite to help keep your airway unobstructed while you sleep. 

Dentures & partials

For those who are missing teeth, dentures can help restore the appearance of a full, healthy smile. We can custom-make a full or partial set of dentures to suit your exact needs and let you choose how your new dentures will look.

Dental implant restoration

Dental implants can restore not just the appearance but the function of a full, healthy set of teeth. Our team can restore your implant with a natural-looking and functional crown. You’ll be able to choose the shape, color, and size of your crowns, so you can design the smile you’ve always wanted.

We want to WOW you

We know that when it comes to choosing a dentist, you have options. But we want to make your choice easy, so we’re dedicated to providing what we call a WOW experience for you and your family. At our practice, you’ll receive not only great dental care but also compassion and kindness from a team that works every day to create a warm, welcoming environment for all. Try our online booking option to schedule your appointment today!

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