Cosmetic Dentistry

At Anglin Pediatric & Family Dentistry, we want to help you look your best! That’s why our friendly, expert team is proud to offer a full range of cosmetic dental services. From a simple whitening to helping you rebuild your smile from the ground up, we can help you look better and feel more confident in your appearance. If you’re in the Hoover, AL, area, we invite you to book an appointment online today so we can discuss your options!

Teeth whitening

If your teeth are yellowed, stained, or otherwise discolored, we can help! Our in-office whitening service is faster and more powerful than anything you can use at home and can help brighten your teeth into a dazzling white smile. 


If your teeth are cracked, chipped, or unsightly, don’t worry. Veneers can change that! Made from strong, durable porcelain, veneers are thin strips that are placed in front of your existing teeth to cover them and restore the appearance of your mouth. Want your teeth to stand out? You can choose the shape, size, and shade of your veneers, and create a smile that others can’t help but notice.


Dread the thought of braces to correct your crooked teeth? Try Invisalign! Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners that fit over your teeth and can be removed when you eat. Instead of walking around with a mouthful of metal brackets and wires, you’ll be able to go about your life as usual, and start seeing results in as little as three months.

Everyone is welcome here!

Our dental practice welcomes guests and team members of all backgrounds. We want you and your family to feel safe and comfortable during every visit, so we work hard to create a relaxed, inclusive environment and to give back to the community. Ready to come see us? Try booking your appointment using our easy online option!

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